We believe that it is our purpose to worship God through Jesus Christ, win people to Jesus Christ, build believers in Jesus Christ, and send disciples for Jesus Christ. The statements that you find here are how we attempt to fulfill that purpose.

The Biblical Marks of The Church
We believe that the Bible contains all we need to function as a New Testament church. The following marks of the church, from Acts 2:37-42, are those markers that we believe are essential to our function.

1.  Expository preaching and teaching of Scripture.

2.  Commitment to sound biblical theology.

3.  Right understanding of the Gospel, conversion, and baptism.

4.  Genuine relationships.

5.  Commitment to evangelism and mission.

6.  Sacrificial living.

7.  Fervent prayer.

Our Three Core Relationships

Our core relationships are what we derive our motto of “Worship, Fellowship, and Mission” from. Our core relationships are in essence our vision statement.


We desire to live in a growing relationship with God that is marked by worship.


We desire to build a body of Christ-centered believers that serve one another and build deep Christ-honoring friendships.


We desire to fulfill the Great Commission at home, at work, in our community, our state, our nation, and to the ends of the earth.  We believe the Great Commission compels us to go to the nations not require them to come to us.

Our Core Values

1.  Strong families – We want to build families that reflect God's intent for marriage, it's permanence (Matthew 19:6), live out the biblical roles given to husbands and wives (Ephesians 5), parents (Proverbs 29:17) to the glory of God.

2.  Servant hearts – Service is central to Christian life (John 13; Philippians 2).

3.  Authentic, intimate worship –  We want to pursue this wholeheartedly in both our corporate gatherings as well as in the worship of our daily lives.

4.  Mission – We seek to engage those who have yet to hear the gospel, here in Cleveland and to the ends of the earth.

5.  Sacrificial living – We want to honor our Great Giver by living lives marked by sacrifice, not just of our finances, but all of life.

6.  Fervent prayer – God is greatly exalted when we declare his worth in prayer (1 Peter 2:9) and declare His greatness by expressing our need for Him and His provision in prayer (Psalm 50:15).  To trust and honor God means that we must pray.

Cornerstone Baptist Church