We are a community of people who desire to become mature and ministering worshipers of God.

We believe that we can honestly say that Cornerstone is you. We are your friends, neighbors, and work associates. We know the places you live, work, and play because we do the same in the same places. We do not seek to honor traditions for traditions sake. It is truly our desire to make you feel “at home” when you worship with us. We sincerely desire for you to join us in our journey to become mature and ministering worshippers of God.

Our History

Cornerstone began in September of 1993 from just a few families. In our early days we met in living rooms, barns, and storefronts. From the beginning it has been our desire to grow strong families and be the physical presence of Christ in our community. Our first twenty years were marked by an incredible sense of God’s presence and a shared desire to become a prime influence in the Cleveland area. During these first twenty years, we watched as God grew Cornerstone beyond what anyone could expect for the area in which we live. We saw lives changed, grace understood, and families grow in their walk with Christ. We were blessed, as many churches are not, with pastoral leadership that was committed to our community and us.  

Now entering our second twenty years, we are excited that God is preparing to build off the foundation of our first twenty years. We believe that God has more ways for us to become an even stronger influence in our community and beyond. We believe that He wants to use Cornerstone for the good of Cleveland and the surrounding communities and in partnerships with other local churches around the globe. Our desire to have genuine relationships, a strong biblical foundation, and gospel centrality are the prime motivators of all the we do. We truly believe that Cornerstone is a place where Worship, Fellowship, and Mission truly describe who we are.


We have one primary corporate gathering on Sunday at 10:00 am. This is a relaxed, come as you are environment where you are invited to bring a cup of coffee with you and join us as we worship our great God through studying His Word, singing, and prayer. You will receive a bulletin as you come into the worship space. What you experience will not be a concert; we sincerely desire to celebrate God’s goodness together. Our messages come from the Bible are applied in a way that is relevant to our life today. We want Cornerstone to be a place the unconvinced can come to seek answers because we believe that the will discover truth from what they hear and experience.

The Next Generation

We love children and students at Cornerstone. We believe that this generation of young men and women are of utmost importance because of the decline of culture. We understand that our task is to come alongside parents and assist them in raising men and women with a biblical worldview that can be shapers of culture in a positive way in the future.  

For Kids

We have several opportunities for kids to get involved at Cornerstone. We offer a nursery for all services. We also have children’s church for two year olds through kindergarten that starts half way through our Sunday morning gathering. In addition, we offer the AWANA program on Sunday night and “The Gospel Project” on Wednesday nights.

For Tweens and Teens

We have an active and exciting youth ministry for 7th-12th students at Cornerstone. Teenagers are encouraged to be part of the main corporate gathering on Sunday morning. However, on Sunday night we have gender-specific small groups that are engaged in bible studies. On Wednesday evening all our youth are together for a time of learning that may be topic specific or flow through individual books of the Bible.

For Adults

We have what we call Small Groups available for adults at Cornerstone. Sometimes these are age or gender specific and other times anyone is invited. In addition, there are other opportunities for fellowship in our Men’s , Women’s, and Single’s ministries. If you are looking for ways to get involved beyond bible studies, we have many ongoing practical ministries.

Cornerstone Baptist Church